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GreenEconomy Expo 2010 – Croke Park Dublin

The Green Economy Expo 2010, showcasing businesses working across the green economy, training and job opportunities, and information on setting up your own green business will open at 2pm on Friday 21 May and run until Saturday 22 May.

On their website you can find information on how to register, the program and the venue of the event.

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WED Booklet

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Earth at night

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RE-USE with Camara

Do you have old electric/electronic equipment you don’t use anymore??

Don’t store it in your closet!!

Did you know that e-waste differs from the normal municipal waste stream.  Firstly, it is generated at alarming rates. In 1998, six million tonnes of e-waste were generated (Arensmann, 2000), which represents 4% of the municipal waste stream.  Its volume is expected to increase by at least 3-5% per annum, a rate nearly three times faster than the municipal waste streams’ general growth.
It can also be hazardous.  Electronic devices from a complex mixture of materials and components, often containing several hundreds of different substances, many of which are toxic and create serious pollution upon disposal. These include heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium and flame retardants such as polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated diphenylethers (PBDEs).
Finally, the production of electronic devices is a very resource-intensive activity.  The environmental burden due to the production of electrical and electronic products (“ecological baggage”) exceeds by far the one due to the production of other household materials.  A UN study found that the manufacturing of a computer and its screen takes at least 240 kg of fossil fuels, 22 kg of chemicals and 1.5 tonnes of water (see here, or Kuehr and Williams, 2003).

Statistics show that people tend to store their obsolete equipment, rather than re-using or recycling it.  Consumers in the US have an average of two to three obsolete computers in their garage, closet or storage space.  Other researches estimate that three-quarters of all computers ever sold in the USA remain stockpiled.  This is because it seems that computer owners do not comprehend the rapidly decreasing value of their equipment, and make sub-optimal decisions regarding its fate.  As a matter of fact, despite increasing productivity of re-use and recycling technologies, a relatively low volume of equipment is actually being re-used or recycled.
If electronic equipment is stored, rather than re-used/recycled, it loses its potential overtime, and becomes really obsolete and useless.
If brought to a re-use center (such as Camara) right away, it can be refurbished in order to become a useful resource for someone else, possibly in poorer countries.


If your old electric/electronic equipment is NOT a computer but something else, such as a television, a refrigerator, a mobile phone, an mp3 player, you STILL HAVE TO REUSE/RECYCLE IT.
When buying a new product, the producer is obliged to take back your old appliance on a one2one basis.
If you are not buying a new product, but you still need to get rid of your old one, check this out:

WEEE Ireland is hosting free recycling days around the country, and giving away recycling bags. These days are promoted through local schools, local press and radio and it’s free for the general public to bring any batteries or household item with a plug or a battery for recycling. They’re a great chance for you to finally clean out the garage or attic.

If you don’t find any recycling day close to you, try with ERP!

ERP  schedules a number of free recycling days throughout the year and across the country to which you can bring your waste products.

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Breathing Earth

Check this out!

Scary, isnt it??

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